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Lithops tour December 2008

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Lithops Tour December 2008 (For pictures of the tour please visit my blog at ) Day one. Visit Marydale in the Northern Cape and see L. hookeri var. hookeri. Travel to Prieska and see L. halii var. ochracea on the way. Near Prieska see L. hookeri var. subvenestrata. Travel to Britsown and see L. hookeri var. elephina on farm. Travel back to Prieska and stay overnight on guest farm. Day two. Travel to Douglas and see L. lesliei ssp. burchelii on a farm. Then travel to Hopetown to see L. aucampiae var. fluminalis. Rain start on the way to see L. aucampiae var. euniceae but we manage to see it. Return to Hopetown through heave water on the roads and off to see L. hookeri var. marginata. From here travel to a farm near Luckhoff to see L. salicola. We manage to see the plants just before the rain hit us again and after a while we could see the plants again submerged under the rain water. End the tour here on a wet high note.