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How to sow seeds of Lachenalia

Seed is best sown in autumn in deep seed trays or pots in a sterilized medium of equal parts fine compost or loam, and river sand. Sow the seed thinly to prevent overcrowding and fungal infection, and to allow sufficient room for each seedling’s bulb to develop. Cover with a thin layer of sand and […]

How to sow seeds of Crassula

Sow the seeds, which are light brown and very fine, on a fine sandy medium. DO NOT cover the seeds.   Water from below by placing the trays in a drip tray to allow water to be soaked up by the soil, and then remove the tray and let it drain. The following medium usually works […]

How to sow seeds of Haworthia

Sow the seeds during the cool, early summer months of the year in a light, sandy, loam mixture in a seed tray, 4 mm below the soil surface. If sown too deep, they will be smothered and probably not germinate. Ensure there is adequate drainage. A light mixture constitutes materials such as pumice, gravel, perlite […]

How to sow seeds of Ornithogalum

Sow seeds in autumn in a well-draining medium. Spread seeds thinly to prevent damping-off. Cover with a thin layer of river sand. Keep moist. Seed will germinate in about 2 weeks after sowing.

How to sow seeds of Helichrysum

Mix 50 % sand or silica with 50 % seedling mixture, which allows for good drainage. Mix the seeds with soil before sowing or sow them first and cover with a very fine soil. The container should provide good water drainage and be placed under moderate mist. The seeds will germinate within four weeks.

How to sow seeds of Hibiscus

Sow in trays or pots of peaty compost, cover seeds with a sprinkling of sieved compost. Darkness will help germination. Place in a propagator or warm place, maintaining an optimum temperature of 24 to 27°C (75 to 80°F) Germination usually takes 15 to 30 days.

How to sow seeds of any Anacardiaceae plants

The seeds are cleaned by rubbing off the outer parts. Sow in a medium made up of one part mountain gravel, one part compost/leaf mould, and one-part red soil. Mix well until you have a very well-drained, loose mixture. No artificial fertilizers should be added. Seed trays must have good drainage. Scatter the seeds lightly […]

How to sow seeds of daisies or other Asteraceae family

Asteraceae seeds often germinate better in response to smoke treatment. Only mature, plump and fully formed seeds should be used. Smoke seed trays after sowing or soak seed in aqueous smoke extract for 24 hours. Sow seeds in a sandy, well-drained soil. Sow seeds in autumn. Smoke paper available online

How to sow Agave seeds

Use a gritty mix of peat, cocofiber, vermiculite and perlite, sand or similar media. Fill shallowly in trays or pots and sow the seeds on the surface. Cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil, about as thick as the seeds are. Label with species name and date. Do not cover with plastic or […]

How to sow Fern spores

These spores are of microscopic size and will produce a translucent moss-like growth called a prothallus a few weeks after sowing. From this, the actual plants will grow. Reproducing ferns from spores requires patience and very clean equipment to avoid infections with bacteria, fungus, or mosses. plastic container is best for sowing spores. Plant pots […]

How to sow Aloe seeds

Seeds germinate very well but may damp off if overwatered. Use a mixture of river sand, compost and soil to sow seeds in. Sprinkle the seeds evenly on the surface and cover with a layer of small pebbles. The pebbles help the seedlings to stay upright and prevent damping off. Keep seed tray in a […]