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How to sow Fern spores

These spores are of microscopic size and will produce a translucent moss-like growth called a prothallus a few weeks after sowing. From this, the actual plants will grow.

Reproducing ferns from spores requires patience and very clean equipment to avoid infections with bacteria, fungus, or mosses. plastic container is best for sowing spores. Plant pots are usually too tall.

Fill the tray with a few centimeters of substrate such as peat, sphagnum, perlite, or a mix from a bag. Sterilize.

Sparingly sprinkle the spores on the surface. Bad results often come from sowing the spore too densely. Cover with a sheet of glass or plastic wrap, leaving a very small gap for ventilation, and place in a well-lit spot but out of direct sunlight as that could overheat the container.

Keep at around 20°C or a little warmer for lowland tropical tree ferns. You should see some condensation on the cover.