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Senegalia burkei (Acacia burkei) (100 seeds)


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Senegalia burkei (Acacia burkei) (Black Monkey Thorn, Swartapiesdoring). Fairly hardy, deciduous, large Acacia that has attractive, large round leaflets. Spikes of white flowers from early to mid summer are followed by bright red pods. This beautiful specimen tree gives dense shade but is a little slow growing. The bark is attractively fissured and attracts Woodpeckers and Red Billed Wood Hoopoe that probe under the bark for insects. It makes a good bonsai subject. Size 6 to 12m. Sowing: Sow in springtime. The seed should be soaked in hot water overnight. This cause the seeds to swell and usually by the next morning they are ready to be sown. Seeds can be sown in seedling trays using a well drained seedling medium and then covered lightly. Locality: Pretoria. Harvest: July 2023