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Vachellia erioloba (Acacia erioloba) (100 seeds)


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Vachellia erioloba (Acacia erioloba) Fabaceae. The camel thorn ranges from a 2 m spiny shrub to a 16 m robust tree. The stem is shiny reddish brown when young. The bark of a mature tree is grey to blackish brown and is deeply furrowed; bearing pairs of almost straight, whitish or brown spines. Sowing: The seeds generally need some treatment to weaken the protective waterproof seed coat. They can be put into boiling water and then left to soak for a couple of days until the seed swells. Alternatively the glossy coating can be lightly sanded before soaking. Seeds may then be sown in a well-composted, sandy seedling mixture, and kept in a warm and moist position. Seeds usually take four to six weeks to germinate. Locality: Askham. Harvest: February 2024