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Vachellia luederitzii (Acacia luderitzii) (100 seeds)


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Vachellia luederitzii (Acacia luderitzii). Fabaceae. Medium-sized tree. Young branches covered in pale grey hairs; Spines paired, mostly long and straight but some pairs short and somewhat curved. Leaves 6 × 4 cm with 5-8 pairs of pinnae, bearing many small, finely hairy leaflets. Flowers in spherical heads, creamy-white. Pod c. 13 × 2 cm mostly straight, flat, stiff but not woody with a thickened rim, grey-brown to purple-brown, dehiscent. Sowing: The seeds must first be soaked in hot water, left overnight and planted the next morning in seedling trays. Cover the seeds lightly with river sand and keep moist. Placing a clear glass over the seedling tray can speed up germination. Locality: Pongola. Harvest: January 2024