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Vachellia nilotica (Acacia nilotica) (100 seeds)


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Vachellia nilotica (Acacia nilotica) (Fabaceae). Scented Thorn (e), Lekkerruikpeul (a), umNqawe (z). Hardy, semi-deciduous, small, flat-topped tree with yellow puffball flowers through the summer. The fragrant, distinctive “string of beads”, decorative pods that smell of granadilla and are also excellent fodder. It has a fissured bark that is home to many invertebrates and thus attracts Woodpeckers and other insectivorous bird. The edible gum also makes a good glue and yellow, red or black dye can be made from the pods. The wood is easily worked for furniture and the whole tree has many medicinal and traditional uses. Size 5 to 10m. Sowing: Seeds can be slightly scarified or left in hot water for a few hours or overnight. For best results sow seeds in separate bags as it develops a taproot very quickly. Seeds normally germinate reasonably fast within 7-15 days. Locality: Pretoria. Harvest: September 2023