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Vachellia sieberiana (Acacia sieberiana) (100 seeds)


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Vachellia sieberiana (Acacia sieberiana) (Fabaceae). Paperbark Thorn (e), Papierbasdoring (a), umKhamba (z), Mokgaba (s). This hardy (protect from frost when young) large, semi-deciduous, flat-topped Acacia is fast growing. This impressive tree develops its wide spreading flat-topped shape whilst still young. It has abundant, fragrant, creamy, puffball flowers in summer that attract a myriad of insects and birds. These are followed by hard woody pods that are nutritious. It is a favorite nesting tree for Barbets, and the Red Billed Wood hoopoe love probing under the yellow papery and flaking bark for insects. They thrive in poor soils and will grow in rocky areas and in shale. If planting in colder areas be sure the plants are grown from seeds collected in cold areas or they may battle to acclimatise to cold conditions. Part of their natural distribution is in the Drakensberg so once established they can tolerate quite cold conditions. Size 8 to 15m. Sowing: Before sowing, the seed should be soaked in hot water overnight. This causes the seeds to swell and usually by the next morning they are ready to be sown. Seeds can be sown in seedling trays using a well drained seedling medium and then covered lightly. When the seedlings reach the two-leaf stage (approx. six to eight weeks after sowing) they should be transplanted from seedling trays into nursery bags, taking care not to damage the long taproot. Locality: Ex Hort. Harvest: August 2023