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Adenium multiflorum (100 seeds)


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Adenium multiflorum. (Apocynaceae) impala lily, Sabie star, impalalelie. It is a deciduous succulent shrub or small tree, 0.5-3 m tall, the shape resembling a miniature baobab. Stems arise from a large underground rootstock. The bark is shiny grey to brown, with poisonous watery latex. For most of the year the plants do not have flowers or leaves. The leaves are up to 100 mm long, shiny green above and pale below and usually much broader towards the tip. The flowers are borne in terminal inflorescence, each flower 50-70 mm in diameter. They vary greatly in color, usually with pointed white lobes, crinkly red margins and red stripes in the throat. Sowing : Growing plants from seed is easy and seeds germinate in about a week at 30°C. Treating seeds with a fungicide before sowing reduces loss. Seedlings usually grow through the first winter before obligate dormancy appears. Locality: Ex Hort. Harvest: October 2023