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Agapanthus africanus (100 seeds)


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Agapanthus africanus.  The leaves are thick in texture and the flowers are open faced and range in colour from light to mainly deep blue. Rare sightings of white flowered plants have been recorded. Fires stimulate profuse flowering. The plants flower mainly from December to February. The leaves are evergreen and strap like, about 15 mm wide with an average length of 350 mm. The flower stalk is usually under 700 mm tall. Sowing : The seed germinates best if sown in a well-drained seed mix and lightly covered. The seed trays should be placed on heated beds under a mistspray set for about five minutes twice a day. Germination takes place in 4 to 6 weeks and the trays should then be removed to a lightly shaded area. Good results will also be obtained when the trays are placed indoors or outdoors in light shade and watered twice a day, provided the day time temperature is higher than 18° Celsius. Locality: Rooi Els. Harvest: September 2020