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Agapanthus large WHITE (100 seeds)


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Agapanthus large WHITE. (Liliaceae). – Giant White Agapanthus (e), Bloulelie (a). This well known, hardy, evergreen plant has attractive strap-like leaves and umbels of white flowers borne on long stalks in mid to late summer. They make good cut flowers. Its large rhizomes are easily split. It grows in sun or shade this makes a good plant for the difficult areas that are in shade for part of the year. They attract insects to the garden. They also have medicinal and magical uses. This plant requires little care and looks good all year round. Worldwide it is one of the most used landscaping plants. Size up to 60 cm. Sowing: Seed can be sown in late summer – autumn, but in cold climates it can be kept refrigerated (not frozen) and sown in spring. Seed should be sown in deep (10 cm) trays, in a mixture of equal parts river sand and fine compost, and kept semi-shaded and moist. Seed germinates readily within six to eight weeks. The seed should be sown thinly as the seedlings will stay in the tray for their first year. Locality: Ex Hort. Harvest: March 2024