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Aloiampelos ciliaris (Aloe ciliaris) (20 seeds)


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Aloiampelos ciliaris (Aloe ciliaris) (20 seeds) It is sparsely branched, climbing to 10 m or even higher. The base can sometimes be multistemmed and with age may become a rounded, swollen caudex up to 150 mm in diameter, bearing grey bark. The spirally arranged green leaves are leathery but softly succulent, linear-lanceolate 50-152 x10-30 mm, bearing small white teeth extending right around the leaf base. The inflorescence is a simple, ascending raceme, 150-300 mm long, appearing near the branch ends, and racemes are 50-120 mm long. The tubular flowers are 28 x 8 mm. Sowing : Seed is best sown during spring or summer. Sow in a sandy, well-drained potting soil in a warm shady position in standard seed trays. Germination is within three weeks. Cover with a thin layer of sand (1-2 mm) and keep moist. Locality: Ex Hort. Harvest: January 2021