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Aloe falcata (100 seeds)


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Aloe falcata (Aloaceae) Vanrhynsdorp aloe (e). It is a summer-flowering aloe that is becoming a popular subject for dry gardens. It is a low-growing aloe that forms a dense, compact clump, with the rosette of leaves often pointing outwards. The plants almost appear if they are lying slightly on their sides. The leaves have an almost bluish hue. The inflorescence, is branched, sometimes up to a dozen flower spikes can be seen emerging from the crown. The flower spikes are erect in their growth form. Flower color ranges from dull, brick-red to pinky red. Pure yellow flowers are very rarely seen. What makes this particular aloe interesting is the fact that it flowers during the hottest and driest part of the year. Sowing: Use sandy loam with a small amount of very well-rotted, sieved compost. The seeds should be sown no deeper than 0.5 cm. Do not crowd too many seeds into a seed pan, this can lead to damping off when they start germinating. The sowing medium must be well drained. Do not over-water. Too much water at a time when the seeds are germinating will ROT them. Water four times a week under warm conditions, 28?C or above. During the winter months only water once every two weeks. Move to a sunny location for the initial germination, especially during the cold winter months. Sow the seeds in Autumn. Locality : Ex Hort. Harvest : December 2023