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Aloe mutabilis (arborescens)


Aloe mutabilis. Family: Asphodelaceae. Common name: Blue krantz aloe. This form of Aloe arborescens used to be known by the species name “mutabilis” which means changeable or mutable. This probably refers to the flowers which change color as they open. It is a beautiful aloe with a trailing stem up to 1 meter long with offshoots. Its stem hangs downward with the rosettes of leaves turned up at an angle. This aloe has many leaves, 60-70cm long. The upper surfaces are glaucous green to dull green with brownish to yellow margins. The leaf margins are armed with harmless, yellowish orange teeth. The shape of the spaces between the teeth is straight, not rounded as with the commonly known Aloe arborescens. The inflorescence of this aloe is simple, up to 90cm high, but sometimes with 1 to 2 branches. It has a bicolored raceme. Individual flower buds are red buds and then on opening the flowers turn yellow or greenish yellow. The flowers of some forms are uniformly red. Flowering time is in winter.  Sowing instructions : Seeds germinate very well but may damp off if overwatered. Use a mixture of river sand, compost and soil to sow seeds in. Sprinkle the seeds evenly on the surface and cover with a layer of small pebbles. The pebbles help the seedlings to stay upright and prevent damping off. Keep seed tray in a dry warm corner and do not allow to dry out. Transplant the seedlings after one year. Locality: Ex Hort. Harvest: January 2024


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