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Aloe petricola


Aloe petricola (Aloaceae) Forms densely leaved rosettes. Scattered thorns are sometimes present on the leaves. In late winter the long and narrow flower racemes are produced. These are tightly packed and usually bi colored. The buds are red and the open flowers greenish white or in some plants, the buds may be orange and the open flowers yellow. Grows well in cultivation. Very striking when in flower. Sowing: Seeds germinate very well but may damp off if overwatered. Use a mixture of river sand, compost and soil to sow seeds in. Sprinkle the seeds evenly on the surface and cover with a layer of small pebbles. The pebbles help the seedlings to stay upright and prevent damping off. Keep seed tray in a dry warm corner and do not allow to dry out. Transplant the seedlings after one year.  Locality: Nelspruit. Harvest: June 2023


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