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Aloe spectabilis


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Aloe spectabilis (100 seeds)

Family: Aloaceae

Now called Aloe marlothii. It is a large, perennial, succulent, single-stemmed aloe, usually 2–4 m tall with old dried leaves remaining on the stem below the upper living leaves. Leaves are large, light green to greyish green to blue-green and is covered with maroon- colored teeth with orange tips along leaf margins. Flowers are held on racemes on a branched candelabra-shaped inflorescence, having up to 30 racemes. Flower color is yellow and appear in late winter to spring.

Sowing instructions: Use a nursery seed tray, pot or any container with drainage holes. Fill the bottom of the container with a layer of stones and a thin layer of compost to ensure drainage and prevent soil escaping from the drainage holes. Sow seeds in spring, directly in seedling soil by evenly sprinkling the papery seeds over the surface. Cover seeds with a light sprinkling of sand (just enough to cover seeds). Water with a fine rose spray to prevent seeds and sand becoming displaced and place in a warm sunny position. It is important to use sterilized soil and containers to avoid disease setting in. To avoid seedlings damping-off from the wilting fungus, a preventative fungicide can be applied. Water seeds daily until germination, thereafter reducing watering to every few days. Do not water in the late afternoon or evening as this will promote damping-off. As the seedlings begin to show their succulence and aloe shape they require less watering, however they will develop faster with regular watering and care.

Locality: Tugela plaza. Harvest: November 2023