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Aloe suprafoliata (100 seeds)


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Aloe suprafoliata. (Aloaceae). Solitary rosettes forms on stems that are not visible. In juvenile plants two-ranked and the spiral arrangement only appears after a few years of growth. Leaves are bluish-green in color, varies from dull green to a dusky ,purplish green , leaf-margins are armed with sharp brown teeth. Leaf tips are often red in color especially in hot dry weather. Up to three simple inflorescences are borne from the plant simultaneously. Racemes are long and narrow and appear to have a silvery sheen. Flowers are pinkish-red in color, cylindrical in shape. Sowing: seeds germinate very well but may damp off if overwatered. Use a mixture of river sand, compost and soil to sow seeds in. Sprinkle the seeds evenly on the surface and cover with a layer of small pebbles. The pebbles help the seedlings to stay upright and prevent damping off. Keep seed tray in a dry warm corner and do not allow to dry out. Transplant the seedlings after one year. Locality: Vryheid. Harvest: January 2024