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Apodytes dimidiata (100 seeds)


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Apodytes dimidiata (Icacinaceae) White Pear (e), Witpeer (a), mDakane (z,x). Hardy, evergreen, fairly fast growing tree with glossy, dark green foliage and masses of strongly scented, snow-white flowers that are borne in summer. They are followed by very decorative bunches of black berries that attract birds to the garden. The trunk is white and in older specimens becomes patched with lichen. This makes a wonderful garden subject. Can be used as a small avenue tree, as a specimen in a small garden or create a forest effect by planting close together. Size 5 to 15m. S.A. No. 422. Sowing: Sow in late winter or early spring. Seed should be sown in a seed tray 3-5 mm deep either in a seedling mix obtained from nursery or a garden center or a mixture of river sand and compost (1:1) ratio. Seeds should be dipped in a fungicide. Cover the seeds with fine sand or fine compost. The seed tray should be kept moist. Germination is slow, it can take up to 6 months for all the seed to germinate. Locality: Pietermaritzburg. Harvest: March 2024