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Arctotheca calendula (100 seeds)


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Arctotheca calendula (Asteraceae) This species is a tufted to sprawling annual herb, growing up to 250 mm high. The basal leaves form a rosette and are roughly hairy above, woolly below. They have deeply divided margins. The daisy-like flowers, up to 60 mm across are a pale yellow, with a darker yellow ring and a black or yellow center, and are borne singly on roughly hairy stalks. Sowing: Asteraceae seeds often germinate better in response to smoke treatment. Only mature, plump and fully formed seeds should be used. Smoke seed trays after sowing or soak seed in aqueous smoke extract for 24 hours. Sow seeds in a sandy, well drained soil. Sow seeds in autumn. Locality: Graafwater. Harvest : December 2023