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Arctotis hirsuta (100 seeds)


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Arctotis hirsuta. This robust annual species grows to 450 mm in height and diameter. It is slightly fleshy with a branched stem. The thinly hairy, lyrate to pinnatifid leaves are up to 200 mm long and often auriculate.  There are various flowerheads of about 40 mm in diameter, borne on leafy stalks. The rayflorets are orange, yellow or cream-coloured, sometimes with purplish markings at the base. The disc florets are often black. The involucral bracts surrounding the flower heads are finely woolly and arranged in three rows. Sowing : Sow seeds in autumn. The medium could be a light, sandy soil or a mixture of bark, compost or river sand. There is no restriction on what materials to use for a perfect medium. The most important requirement is good drainage. Locality: Gouda. Harvest: April 2022