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Argania spinosa (2 seeds)


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Argania spinosa (price per 2 seeds)(Sapotaceae) Argan. Shrubby, thorny tree growing to 30ft, but often remaining much smaller. In its natural range, goats and foraging animals eat the fruits, depositing the hard-shelled seeds in their waste. Seeds are then collected, and later pressed to obtain the valuable argan oil (which is sold for up to 10 times the price of olive oil). Sowing : Due to their hard seed coat, soaking the seeds prior to planting is essential. Soak in room temperature to warm (90-100F) water for 2-4 days prior to planting. Some sources have suggested good results sprouting the seeds in moist towels kept at warm room temperature. Or, plant seeds in small containers, in well-drained, moist soil at 1″ deep. Keep soil regularly watered, though do not over water to the point where soil is dripping wet. Seeds can take several weeks to a few months to sprout. Locality : Ex Hort. Harvest : August 2021