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Astroloba corrugata (100 seeds)


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Astroloba corrugata. It is immediately recognisable by its stout (often recurved) leaves which are covered in tiny, fine, asperous tubercles. Like all Astrolobas, its stems branch & offset from the base, forming columns that are densely covered in sharp, succulent leaves. Sowing : Sow the seeds during the cool, early summer months of the year in a light, sandy, loam mixture in a seed tray, 4 mm below the soil surface. If sown too deep, they will be smothered and probably not germinate. Ensure there is adequate drainage. A light mixture constitutes materials such as pumice, gravel, perlite and fine-textured humus. On top of this mixture, sprinkle a thin layer of coarse sand. Keep the area weed free and water with a fine mist spray every second day. Ensure the seed trays are in a sunny position. Locality: Ladysmith. Harvest: April 2023