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Aulax umbelata (100 seeds)


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Aulax umbelata. It  is a shrub with long slender ascending branches up to 2.5 meters tall, from a single main stem. The leaves are flat, linear to spathulate, but considerably wider than the other two species, and this is the main distinguishing characteristic for the species. Sowing: Seed is sown in autumn, when the day temperature starts to drop. The difference between the day- and night temperatures should be about 15ºC, the night temperature being the most important, preferably not above 10ºC. The seed is sown in open seedbeds, in a light, well drained soil and covered with a layer of sand (about 1 cm or 1½ times the size of the seed). The bed is then covered with a grid to protect it against attacks from birds and rodents. The seed will germinate three to four weeks after sowing. Locality: Hermanus. Harvest: May 2023