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Baeometra uniflora (100 seeds)


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Baeometra uniflora. It is a deciduous geophyte up to 300 mm high, with a flattened, ovoid corm covered in dark brown, leathery tunics. Leaves 5-8, mostly basal in a fan, narrow, channeled, clasping the stem at the base. Flowers 1-5, sub-erect, funnel-shaped, shortly pedicellate, bracts thread-like or awl-shaped, successively smaller and the uppermost flowers without a bract, unscented. Tepals free, ± erect below and flaring above, yellow to orange with a dark maroon base, flushed red on the reverse, oblanceolate, 15-28 mm long and narrowed below into a claw 3-12 mm long, abscising after flowering. Sowing: Seed is sown in autumn, thinly, in deep (min. 10 cm) seed trays, to allow for root development. The soil medium should be well drained, a recommended mix being 2 parts sand: 2 parts compost: 1 part loam or equal parts sand and compost, and the seeds should be planted 3-4 mm deep, covered with clean sand and kept moist and lightly shaded. Locality: Paarl. Harvest: December 2023