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Berchemia discolor (100 seeds)


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Berchemia discolor. It is a medium to large, deciduous or evergreen tree, up to 20 m tall. Its stem is pale green, covered with brown lenticels, especially when young. The bark is dark grey and roughly fissured. The leaves are opposite, simple, elliptic or sometimes elliptic-oblong, 50–140 × 25–60 mm, shiny dark green above, pale green below, hairless; midrib prominently raised below and ending at the margin. Sowing :  Sow seed in a flat seedling tray filled with a mixture of river sand and compost (5:1). Once the seed has germinated, transplant the seedlings into nursery bags filled with a well-drained mixture of river sand, loam and compost. Locality: Pietersburg. Harvest: February 2024