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Berzelia albiflora (100 seeds)


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Berzelia albiflora (Bruniaceae) It is a tall, slender, single-stemmed but well-branched shrub, reaching 2-3 m in height. The long, slender branches are densely leafy, with beautiful dark green foliage that resembles a pine tree, but is much softer. Sowing: Use a well-drained, acidic medium suitable for fynbos plants e.g. roughly equal parts river sand and decomposed pine bark or well-rotted, manure-free compost and about 20% topsoil. Cover the seeds lightly, using the sowing medium and water gently to avoid disturbing the seeds. Keep moist but not wet. The seed should start to germinate in about six weeks. Locality: Betties Bay. Harvest: January 2024