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Brachystelma barberae


Brachystelma barberae  (Asclepiadaceae) It is a perennial, geophytic dwarf herb. One to a few short annual stems are produced from a caudex that ranges from 80-200 mm in diameter. The tuber is depressed in the center and becomes irregular in shape with age. All the above-ground parts are covered with coarse hairs and produce a watery sap when damaged. There can be as many as fifty striking flowers arranged in one to three large, spherical masses close to the ground. Sowing: Use a sandy medium for germinating. Cover the seeds in a seed tray with 5-7 mm of sand and treat the medium with fungicide. Keep the germinating medium damp until the seedlings are about 5 cm high. Prick out seedlings carefully so as not to damage the roots. Plant in a well-drained soil mix. Locality: Pretoria. Harvest: April 2024


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