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Brunsvigia namaquana “Steinkopf” (5 seeds)


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Brunsvigia namaquana “Steinkopf” (price per 5 seeds) It has zygomorphic flowers and a very unusual foliage with leaves covered in golden bristles, two characteristics not common among species of Brunsvigia. In mature plants the leaves are flat on the ground. The flowers are pink with a yellow-green throat in a small head. Sowing: Sow seeds in deep seed trays as soon as possible after harvesting in a very well-drained, sandy medium to which some fine compost is added. Press lightly into the soil, so that the top of the seed remains visible. Water well once and then again only after the first leaves appear. After that, water well once every two to three weeks. When the leaves begin to yellow, withhold watering altogether. Judicious watering starts again when the leaves reappear after the dormant period. Locality: Steinkopf. Harvest: February 2024