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Bursera fagaroides


Bursera fagaroides. (Burseraceae) Elephant Tree, Fragrant Bursera . A shrub or small tree, wide-spreading, with a very short, thick, trunk. Develops a swollen trunk, and can be a spectacular specimen. Flower is small, creamy white, borne on long stalks, may be clustered or solitary. Bark is tight and smooth, very attractive, reddish brown and peeling to reveal gray-green. Drought deciduous. Leaves have distinct citrus odor when crushed. Great ready bonsai! The fruit is brown maturing in late fall. The seeds are red, and germinate quite easily. The dried sap of some of the species sold as frankincense. It is also suitable for growing indoors, drought-tolerant; suitable for xeriscaping and for growing in containers. Sowing. Sow seeds in springtime. Locality : Ex Hort. Harvest : August 2023


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