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Calodendron capense (100 seeds)


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Calodendron capense (Rutaceae) Cape Chestnut (e) Wildekastaiing (a) umBhaba (z) umBaba (x) molalakgwedi (ns) Hardy, semi-deciduous, large tree with magnificent terminal sprays of pink flowers in early summer, sometimes having two flowering seasons. The scented flowers are spotted with maroon gland dots. This truly magnificent tree will attract both birds and butterflies to the garden. The large woody fruits are knobbly and olive green and they split to reveal large black seeds. Plant in shade or semi-shade, and protect the stem from frost while young. Well worth growing as a flowering or shade tree. Size 8 to 18m. S.A. No. 256. Sowing: Scarify seed by filing or sandpapering the seed coat to expose the inner cotyledons. Soak the seed for a day or so until they begin to swell. Once swelling has started, sow the seed on a warm, moist seedling mix in a well-lit place. Maintain the soil temperature at a comfortable 20 – 25 °C. Locality: Stellenbosch. Harvest: June 2022