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Canthium inerme (100 seeds)


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Canthium inerme. It is a hardy, evergreen large shrub or small tree with bright green leaves. It has white flowers from August to January which often appear with the new leaves in spring. They are followed by glossy, black berries. The berries look like antelope droppings but are edible and much sought after by birds. It is also the host plant of the Natal Bar butterfly. Sowing : Sowing can be done in trays or seed beds in a rich, well-drained medium, with equal parts of sand and compost.Place in a warm, brightly-lit area and keep moist but not wet. Germination times may vary, depending on the time of year, from under a month to up to 2-3 months and growth is rapid once germinated. Following germination, allow the seedlings at least 2-3 weeks of growth before transplanting into bags or other suitable containers for further growing. Locality: Ex Hort. Harvest: January 2023