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Cassinopsis ilicifolia (100 seeds)


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Cassinopsis ilicifolia (Icacinaceae) Lemon Thorn (e), Lemoentjiedoring (a), iMamba eluhlaza (z). Hardy, evergreen, drought resistant, large shrub with shiny, green leaves, green stems with a zigzag pattern and single spines. Decorative orange berries that are much favoured by birds follow small, greenish-white flowers, which appear in early summer. It makes a good security barrier and can be clipped into a beautiful formal hedge. For full sun or semi-shade. The seeds are traditionally used as beads. Size 2 to 5m. S.A. No. 420. Sowing : The seeds gives a 70% to 80% germination success rate. Seed should be sown in a well-drained medium and placed in a light environment. Once the seedlings have reached the one leaf stage they can be pricked out and placed singly into bigger containers. Locality: Ficksburg. Harvest: December 2023