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Citrullus lanatus (100 seeds)


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Citrullus lanatus (Cucurbitaceae) African wild water melon. This is the African version of the water melon. An annual herb with long (up to 10 m) stems lying or creeping on the ground, with curly tendrils. Leaves are 5-20 by 3-19 cm, and hairy, usually deeply palmate with 3-5 lobes. Flowers 1-2.5 cm long, pale green. Fruit of wild plants 1.5-20 cm in diameter, sub-globose, greenish, mottled with darker green. Fruits vary considerably in morphology. The fruits are a perfect round shape with beautiful patterns on and is edible though slightly bitter. It is a favorite by farmers’ wives to make jam. Sowing: Sow seeds directly into the soil. Locality: Soetdoring. Harvest: August 2023