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Clivia miniata YELLOW (10 seeds)


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Clivia miniata YELLOW (price per 10 seeds) (Amaryllidaceae) – Bush Lily (e), Boslelie (a), uBuhlungu beyma (z), uMayima (x). Slow growing, evergreen, hardy perennial with dark, strap-like leaves and very showy yellow flowers en masse in springtime and a few flowers on and off throughout the summer. Must be planted in the shade and enjoys compost rich soil. Decorative, fleshy, red berries remain on the plant until next flowering season. Popular garden and container plant. Used in traditional medicine. Size 30 to 40cm. Sowing : Sow the seed in deep trays in sifted seedling mix which has been sterilised. Simply press the seeds gently into the mix until they are almost flush with the surface. The medium should be kept moist but since the seeds take a long time to germinate (four to six weeks), keep an eye out for algal growths on the surface which will deprive the germinating seeds of oxygen. They may remain in the trays for up to two years before they are large enough to plant on. Locality : Ex Hort. Harvest : August 2020