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Combretum bracteosum (100 seeds)


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Combretum bracteosum. hiccough-nut, hiccup nut, hiccough creeper, hikklimop. It is a shrub or small tree which scrambles into nearby vegetation. It grows up to between 2 and 4 m high, although if it has support from other trees it can reach up to 8 m. It spreads to between 4 and 5 m wide. Sowing : The hard outer shells need to be cracked and the seeds removed. The seeds should then be soaked for 12 hours where they will absorb water, allowing germination to begin.  You will see the seeds swell up.  They can be grown lengthways on the seedling mix and covered lightly.  Germination mostly takes place after 26 days, although some may start earlier. Locality: Ex Hort. Harvest: January 2023