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Combretum caffrum (100 seeds)


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Combretum caffrum (Combretaceae). Deciduous, small to medium-sized spreading tree up to 10 m tall; young branches densely short-hairy, pinkish after shedding the bark. Leaves subopposite or sometimes in whorls of 3, simple and entire; stipules absent; petiole 1–5(–8) mm long, densely short-hairy; blade narrowly elliptical, up to 4–10 cm × 1–2.5 cm, apex acute, mucronate, base cuneate, lateral nerves prominent, in 6–8(–12) pairs, both sides almost glabrous or densely short-hairy beneath, shiny green above. Sowing: Sow seeds in summer in a well drained medium. Locality: Ex Hort. Harvest: May 2023