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Commiphora mollis (100 seeds)


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Commiphora mollis. (Burceraceae) Bloustam, Duikstam-kanniedood, Fluweel-kanniedood, Velvet Corkwood, Velvet-leaved Corkwood. This Tree with its greyish, smooth, shiny and resinous bark is up to 8m high.  Imparipinnate, hairy Leaves have leaflets with 2-6 pair of opposite leaflets and the single terminal one.  Margins are entire and stipules are absent.  Regular, small, yellowish to pinkish, 4-merous Flowers are dioecious. Sowing : Seed should be sown in spring or during summer, in a well-drained seedling mix, and need only be covered lightly with the sowing mix, clean coarse sand or milled bark. The trays should be kept moist in a warm but shaded position. Locality: Ex Hort. Harvest: January 2023