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Cotyledon campanulata (100 seeds)


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Cotyledon campanulata. Pretty, shiny, cylindrical light green leaves get their sparkle from a layer of fuzzy silver hairs. This demure succulent would make an excellent candidate for a mixed-succulent container planting. Given enough sun, the tips of each leaf will turn red. Pretty yellow flowers with reflexed petals dangle from chartreuse stems. Blooms in late Spring through early Summer. Sowing: Sow the seed in a seed box. DO NOT cover the seeds. Simply sow the seeds in a coarse sand topping, with a well-drained substrate underneath. Water with a fine mister or a fogger once a week during winter and once a month in summer. The seeds will germinate readily during the cooler period of the year. Locality: Ex Hort. Harvest: January 2024