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Crassula deltoidea (100 seeds)


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Crassula deltoidea. It is a perennial dwarf succulent that forms a dense low mound often not more than 50 mm high but spreading up to 100 mm, rarely wider. It consists of a few succulent stems rarely longer than 80 mm, branching occasionally, fed by a short taproot with occasional branching roots. The highly succulent leaves are deltoid (triangular) or rhombic in shape and always covered to a greater or lesser extent with a grey flaking layer of wax, often giving the plant a grey or even white appearance. Sowing : Sow the seed in a seed box. DO NOT cover the seeds. Simply sow the seeds in a coarse sand topping, with a well-drained substrate underneath. Water with a fine mister or a fogger once a week during winter and once a month in summer. The seeds will germinate readily during the cooler period of the year. Locality: Ladysmith. Harvest: March 2021