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Crassula rupestris (100 seeds)


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Crassula rupestris. It is a much-branched, succulent, perennial shrublet. The stems are thin, fleshy near the growing tip, but rather woody lower down. Leaves are opposite, ovate and lanceolate in shape. Flowers are grouped in clusters at the apex (growing point). The flower color ranges from deep pink to pale pink. Sowing: Sow seeds in autumn. The seed must be sown on the soil surface. Do not bury the seed. The seeds are too fine for this and will battle to emerge though the thick blanket of soil. Rather scatter some coarsely sieved sand granules over the seed. These sand granules will prevent the seed from blowing away or being washed out when watering. The soil medium in the flat sowing pan must be well-drained loam. Keep moist and well ventilated. Give plenty of light. The seeds will germinate in two to four weeks. Locality: Barrydale. Harvest: February 2024