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Curtusia dentata (100 seeds)


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Curtisia dentata (Cornaceae) Assegaai (e), Assegaai (a), umLahleni (z,x). A medium-sized, fast growing, fairly hardy, evergreen tree. The leaves are glossy bluish-green above and velvety yellow-green below. It is a slender, upright tree and does not spread much. The insignificant flowers are borne in sprays in late summer, followed by round, fleshy white to red fruits that are eaten by birds. It is used for medicinal purposes, and the wood was used to such an extent that large specimens of this tree are now extremely scarce. It is a wonderfully decorative tree for a small garden, and makes a good screen. Plant in a cool spot and water regularly. Protect against frost when young. Size 7 to 15m. S.A. No. 570. Sowing: Sow in summer. Soak seeds in cold water (room temperature) for 48 hours before sowing. Locality: Kleinmond.  Harvest: December 2023