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Cussonia spicata (100 seeds)


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Cussonia spicata. (Araliaceae) Common Cabbage Tree (e), Gewone Kiepersol (a), umSenge (z,x), motsetshe (s), musenzhe (v), musenje (Tso). Fast growing, mostly evergreen, fairly hardy, decorative tree that makes a lovely form plant with large bright green leaves crowded at the tips of the branches. Small greenish flowers are borne on robust erect candle-like spikes in autumn to winter. The ripe fruits attract birds and Charaxes butterflies. It becomes frost resistant if protected when young, especially from cold winds. Good container plant or garden subject, but do not plant close to walls as it has fleshy, swollen roots that in times of drought were used as a source of moisture. It has many medicinal uses. Size 3 to 10m. S.A. No. 564. Sowing: Sow into seed trays in a fine seedling germination mixture. Cover lightly. Seed may take from three to eight weeks to germinate depending on the species. Seedlings are best left in the tray for the first year and transplanted into individual containers at the beginning of the second growing season. Locality: Hankey. Harvest: August 2023