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Cussonia transvaalensis (100 seeds)


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Cussonia transvaalensis (Araliaceae) Grey Cabbagetree. Small to medium-sized tree up to 5 m, with attractive, coarsely textured grey-green foliage. The bark is corky and deeply longitudinally fissured. The small, green flowers are borne in dense finger-like structures and pollinated by insects, followed by the production of small, purple-black berries, which are relished by many species of fruit-eating birds. Sowing: It should be sown into seed trays in a fine seedling germination mixture and covered lightly. Seed may take from three to eight weeks to germinate. Seedlings are best left in the tray for the first year and transplanted into individual containers at the beginning of the second growing season. Locality: Ex Hort. Harvest : April 2023