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Cyphostemma currorii


Cyphostemma currorii (Vitaceae)  It is a perennial deciduous succulent-stemmed shrub or small tree with a bloated, water-storing, trunk with yellowish to orange bark, peeling off in paper-like flakes to expose a greenish underbark. The tree remember a dwarf baobab in shape and most often reaches a height 1-3 m high, but sometimes of 6 meters or more. It is for the most part of the year leafless but when leaves are present, they are large, divided into three segments and fleshy. Sowing : Seed should be sown in spring or during summer, in a well-drained seedling mix, and need only be covered lightly with the sowing mix, clean coarse sand or milled bark. The trays should be kept moist in a warm but shaded position. Locality: Ex Hort. Harvest: March 2023


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