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Daubenya aurea var coccinea


Daubenya aurea var coccinea. It is a flat-growing, bulbous geophyte up to 50mm tall. It produces two spreading leaves up to 110mm long and 60mm wide, which are ovate and narrowing to a broad tip. Tubular flowers are red, and nearly sessile, arranged in a cluster between the two leaves. Outer flowers are irregular with three sub-equal spoon-shaped segments longer than the tube and three small spear-shaped inner segments. Sowing : Store seeds in a warm place and sow it in a compost mix containing peat, perlite and coarse grit. This species needs well-drained fertile soil and can be fertilized with organic fertilizer once a month. Germination usually takes about 6 weeks if trays are put outside in a shady place. Once germinated, plants can be potted anytime during their dormant period. Locality: Roggeveld. Harvest: September 2023


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