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Dialium schlechteri (100 seeds)


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Dialium schlechteri (Fabaceae). It is a small to medium-sized (5-15 m) deciduous tree found in sand forest and coastal forests in Maputaland (Tongaland) in northern KwaZulu-Natal. It is usually multi-stemmed with a dense rounded crown. The bark is pale grey, smooth and mottled. Leaves are compound, opposite, subopposite to alternate, with 3-6 pairs of leaflets and a terminal one; leaflets are oblong and shiny green with asymmetric bases and entire margins. The leaves turn yellow before dropping. Sowing: Collect seeds and place in warm water. Let them soak overnight. The water can be kept at a constant warm temperature by placing it in a container with a fish tank heater. In the meantime, prepare a seed tray with growing mixture. A half-sand, half-compost mixture would be the ideal medium. First wet the growing mixture before placing seeds in the tray. Cover seeds with a 20 mm layer of this mixture and wet again. Place your seed tray in a warm corner but out of direct sunlight. Wet the mixture with a fine spray whenever it seems dry. Locality: Mozambique. Harvest: January 2024