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Dierama trichorhyzum (7 seeds)


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Dierama trichorhizum (price per 7 seeds) Iridaceae. The bluest of all dieramas, this very rare and completely hardy newcomer from high altitude in South Africa has pale bluish-mauve flared bells on short single erect spikes. One of the smallest of all dieramas, hence ideal on a rock garden. Sowing : Sow at any time 5mm deep in a warm spot outside or in a propagator at between 15 and 20 degrees C. Germination takes from one to three months. Grow on individual grass-like seedlings in small pots. Keep frost-free and moist the first winter as dieramas are essentially evergreen plants, and must not be dried out, and should be kept growing when young. Locality : Naude’s neck. Harvest : November 2021