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Dovyalis caffra (100 seeds)


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Dovyalis caffra. (Salicaceae) Kei-apple. Native to South Africa. It is usually 3-5 m in height, but sometimes reaches 8 m with a much branched crown. It is a tree or spiny shrub of moderate growth rate that may be planted close together to form a good hedge. It can be cultivated as a border or a screen, or used to form an impenetrable hedge around a garden to keep unwanted animals and people out.  It will grow well in either full sun or light shade, and will also need regular trimming in order to maintain a good hedge.  The leaves are used as fodder (bulk feed for livestock).  The fruits are edible, and make excellent jam. Sowing : They should then be sown in seedling trays filled with river sand or seedling mix. The seeds must be pressed down into the sand until they are level with the surface of the sand and then covered with a layer of fine sand. Locality: Ex Hort. Harvest: January 2024