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Drosera cuneifolia (100 seeds)


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Drosera cuneifolia. Droseraceae. The basal rosette is loosely clumped and formed by quite broad, wedge-shaped leaves, 20-40 mm long and 10-15 mm wide. The leaves are greenish with 3-5 veins, and the lower leaf surface is almost smooth. Both marginal and discal tentacles are present. Sowing : Sundews are easily propagated by seed. In autumn prepare a 90 mm pot with growth medium; water well. Sow fresh seeds on the surface of moist growth medium. Do not cover the seeds with soil. Place in a warm, semi-shady position, and seeds should germinate in 2-4 weeks. If the seed sown is too dense, the seedlings or groups of seedlings can be transplanted into their own containers to reduce the chance of dampening off, once large enough to handle safely. Locality: Teewaterskloof. Harvest: January 2020