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Elegia filacea (100 seeds)


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Elegia filacea. It is a reed-like, tufted, evergreen perennial, that grows from 0.2 to 0.8 m high and 0.1 m wide. It is compact, and does not have spreading rhizomes or stolons. Culms (stems) are slender, round and unbranched. It produces golden-tan sheaths, which drop off and leave small dark abscission rings at the nodes along the culms. Sowing: The seed are sown in the early winter season when the night temperature drops to 5–10°C and the day temperature is 15–20°C. Treat the seed with smoke derived from dry and wet fynbos plants material to break seed dormancy and stimulate the germination. Treatment can be done in a smoking tent or use the Instant Smoke Plus Seed Primer packets. Soak the seeds or dust them with fungicide and water the sowed seeds with fungicide once a week to prevent fungal infection. Lay the seed on the well-drained fynbos soil and cover with a finely sieved fynbos mixture. Locality: Porterville. Harvest: May 2023